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Tre Bowman

I’m sorry if I missed it. Is Bowman’s situation with the program resolved? A while back I read he was suspended from the team and living back in York and possibly going to a JC.
I also read he was likely transferring. I haven’t seen anything since. Does anyone know his status?

This link was posted on the “recruiting thread.” Looks like it belongs here also!

I don’t mean to hijack a thread (I need an emoticon with a bandana and a pistol) but…

We touched on the subject before about Iowa State getting so many transfers, but this is bizarre. I counted 5(FIVE) transfers coming to Iowa State.

  1. Royce White Iowa St. (Minnesota)
  2. Chris Allen Iowa St. (Michigan St.)
  3. Korie Lucious Iowa St. (Michigan St.)
  4. Anthony Booker Iowa St. (So. Illinois )
  5. Will Clyburn Iowa St. (Utah)

I can’t remember a BCS program ever having that many incoming tranfers in one year. Can anyone else?

Skeez you forgot about Chris Babb.

That goes even deeper.

I think Babb was last year’s transfer. These kids are all THIS YEAR.

I’m pretty sure White and Allen have sat out their year.

ISU had 3 guys in the transfer out column! ???

You are right.

Allen was out last year and should be in this season. White may have transfered last season, but because of eligibility issues, his transfer was not cleared throught he NCAA, so this coming season is actually his transfer year.

Iowa State is touring Italy right now: