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Tre Bowman


Leaving the team


Please don’t provide any kind of source.


NGameday hinted at this last week on FOS.


Good luck to Tre.

One more scholarship opens…


[quote=“eric17, post:4, topic:2573”]Good luck to Tre.

One more scholarship opens…[/quote]

That’s about the way I feel. On the one hand, I wonder who’s actually going to be on the floor for the team this year. On the other, Tre didn’t really show much of anything yet. One boss I had told me that the important thing when you first get a job is to make yourself indispensable. Unfortunately, Tre got into trouble before he managed that.


So Chambers will be bringing (at least) three of his recruits on to the '12-'13 squad, which is a good thing.

Another factor in play here may be that Chambers is sending an early message to his squad that academic laxity (if reports of Bowman’s listless performance in class are true) and legal mistakes away from the court will not be tolerated. I’m not suggesting that DeChellis didn’t have strong standards in these areas, just that Chambers is establishing his own program paradigm early on.


I was thinking the same thing


If true I can’t say that I am shocked.


With Lewis, Frazier, Marshall, Woodyard, Glover and Akosa coming in for next season, this doesn’t hurt Penn State’s depth too much. Marshall, Woodyard and Glover will likely be at the 2, maybe Lewis too.


Akosa isn’t coming in until next year, essentially replacing Woodyard.

Still, I think your point is valid.


I phrased my sentence poorly. I meant next season for Akosa as in 2012-13.


You put a “hurdle” in front of a kid, have discussions about “just wanting him to be happy” and if it isn’t at PSU, then we(the staff) will help him find a “great fit”…and magically, another scholarship appears.