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tOSU Game Forecast

I just had someone tell me that early forecasts have 3-5 inches of wintry mix coming to Central PA on Saturday. With all the meteorologists we have on this forum, is this going to scare away the crowd (as well as last week’s performance)?

I’m a little hesitant to drive through the mountains from Hburg if the weather is that ugly.

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This meteorologist will say that it’s wayyyyyyyy too early to make any kind of guess about intensity, amounts, or timing of any storm 6 days away.

BUT it does look increasingly likely that the region will be impacted by a storm system next weekend. I think crowd size will be good regardless because what you lose in community members you should more than make up for in students, especially if they’re coming off a win Wednesday. It’s also the THON game which always draws big.


Do you have on a source on this? I havent seen anything saying this is the THON game

There’s likely going to be a storm. What type of precip yet, we’re not sure. At d6, I’d also say the window of arrival is still about 24-36 hours in either direction. So can arrive as early as Friday night or as late as Sat night. Something to keep an eye on this week as we nail down the details. That said, high out ahead of this so tend to think you start off as something frozen and then transition/mix.


The PA guy announced it at the last game

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Trend today was a bit slower, with some snow arriving right before tip and steadily turning heavier throughout the game. Would be more of a postgame travel headache than pregame.

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I like that more than pregame! It’ll coerce people to make it a weekend trip, as State college is cheap during the winter!

My goodness, you would think we have a lot of meteorologists hanging out on this forum. :wink:

Time to break out the 4x4 truck for this one. :muscle:

Yeah, they spend so much time on here, it’s no wonder they have such a hard time predicting the weather forecast! :grin: Just kidding y’all! :wink:

I just saw on The Weather Channel online that 5-8 inches of snow are predicted for Harrisburg and St. College on Saturday. :frowning:

I may sell my ticket. If I do not park my car by the beginning of that storm, I may have a nightmare finding a spot to park near my house in Midtown Harrisburg… I am not worried about the drive in my four wheel drive car, it’s parking afterwards that may scare me away

My apologies to Bleed for posting GFS model output, but this is 7pm Saturday

I love that State College donut hole there. We joked about it all the time back in school. Goodness, what did we call it? I honestly can’t remember, but every time, a squall would die on the ridge just before State College, it seemed.

Edit: I REMEMBER!!! The “State College Effect”!!! You meteo peeps have to have joked about that in school!

Meteorologists are probably not fair-weather fans. It’s not good for business! :grin:

Upperdeck tickets are now going for $17 for face value

At this point… Accuweather says 1-3" and some ice on Saturday. Weather Channel is saying 5-8".

Unfortunately it will be enough to discourage me from making the 2 hour trip.

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5-8" gets a lot more viewers than 1-3" would. Not that I’m cynical about weather-related TV channels or anything…

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I’d bet that there is at least the potential for 5-8” on snow in SC on Saturday.