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TJM78 has a great doublehearder tonight


Game 2, of course, is the PSU-Illini which I’ll be watching on BTN.

Game 1 I’ll be seeing live. Chester at Penn Wood. Isn’t it fitting that on the eve of Shawn Oakman’s sigining with PSU, he leads Penn Wood hoops on one of their biggest games this season, a revenge game agains arch rival Chester.

Gonna be fun tonight!!!


you mean they didn’t cancel school and extras. Up in NE Pa they cancelled everything last night.


Not sure were the game is at, but in Pittsburgh we didn’t get any snow, just rain. When I went out to my car at 6 am this morning it was near-40s out. It has since cooled down.


So how did Oakman look?


For those not familiar, Penn Wood is in Suburban Philly, in Delaware County adjacent to the city border. We had jusr rain in the afternnnon, and roads weren’t bad at all.

Chester won the game 76-72

Link to the story:

Game started late and was pretty long. I only got to see the second half or the PSU game.


Oakman is only averaging 6.3 points per game according to the link below.