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Have a wonderful learning experience and enjoy the trip. Penn Staters are proud of your accomplishments, travel safely.

PAP '58


I’m just going to the grocery store, but thanks for the support.


But it is like 100 degrees outside today due to global warming, so be safe! ;D



Travel Mercies, Tim!


Video interview before he departed.


Good interview. I think he’ll have a great senior season.

Thanks for posting, Lar.


Love how his eyes lit up when he hoped to have the highest number on his jersey out of his conference mates.


He said “I think WE might have the highest number” in reference to the B10 having 3 players invited to the camp.


Actually, don’t travel well. Keep your turnovers to a minimum :slight_smile:


Well…the NBA allows 2 1/2 steps (at least)… :wink:


Here’s the roster of the college gus at the camp…


Story from Lions247


Not the best report from Lebron James Skills Academy:
Tim Frazier: 6’.05/168 6’2.5 (Houston, TX) Penn State – Frazier didn’t receive great reviews from scouts after the event. Playing against an average group of PGs, Frazier seemed outclassed. He’s solid in all areas but doesn’t really do anything well enough to stand out. He is a decent athlete and scores well at Penn State but lacks great size and PG abilities.