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Tim Frazier in the NBA


3 years. Hes qualified already I believe


Yes, that’s correct and, yes, he’s qualified. You only need be on a roster (active or inactive) for one day during the regular season for it to be a qualified season. That gives Tim five seasons of NBA service (your number of qualified seasons maxes out at either 10 or 11, I forget which). He can start drawing the pension at age 45 ($19K for one qualified seasons of play), but to receive his maximum qualified amount (currently between $60K and $200K depending on qualified seasons) he has to wait until 62.

The NBA also has an extremely generous 401K plan which matches at 140%. Knowing Tim, it wouldn’t surprise me if he had wisely maxed out that plan. This season should bring his earnings to almost $7M which, hopefully, should have him set for the rest of his life.


Damn! If only I hadn’t been sorely lacking in talent, skill, dedication, and ambition.


Huh? It can get worse. I had two of those attributes, but my high levels of dedication and ambition still could not overcome my low level of talent and skill.


Timmy went 38 minutes, 7 pts 9 assists and was +11. Pelicans won.


Granted, I haven’t followed the NBA for many years. However, even though I really liked what Frazier brought to our table, I never thought he would have more than a Crispin-esque meal with the NBA. Happy to be wrong.


Frazier hit this 3rd quarter buzzer beater after taking a charge from (and getting leveled by) Joakim Noah #attitude



14 pts, 8 assists, 3 rebounds, 2 steals tonight.


And they actually kept him in for the 4th quarter to allow the offense to get set!


Timmy proving a lot of people wrong this year and being utilized the right way. NOP is better when pushing the pace and his speed is an asset.


6 points (missed a couple layups), 9 rebounds, 9 assists, 2 steals (one off some great man D on Russell Westbrook) tonight against the Thunder


It must be so fun playing with AD :grin:



A reminder that my hoops website ( maintains a Tim Frazier watch list that’s automajically updated daily.

It’s also more accurate that the data posted by in that it includes Whitey Von Neida’s info that, for some reason, is missing from their data.


One more Frazier NBA stat of interest:

Career Earnings:

Calvin Booth: $38,911,607
Frank Brickowski: $13,558,000
John Amaechi: $9,562,500
Tim Frazier: $5,189,636


Amazing that Amaechi could have easily had $16 million more than that.

Frazier will be about 6.8 million assuming he lasts the season, which at this point seems a safe bet.


Should have taken the L.A. Lakers deal in a second. Gotta respect him for staying loyal to Orlando for giving him his shot in the NBA.



Tim is playing the Lakers on ESPN for those that have a second wind from the Bama game.