Thoughts on the Va Tech game


No doubt this is a big game for PSU. If we win, we have an excellent chance to finish the non conference schedule with a 9-3 record.

Va Tech looks like a solid team, but their 7-1 record is a little soft. They have a nice win over Georgia at home. They also beat Iowa. They’ve lost one game: 71-60 at Temple on Nov. 27th.

They seem to be a lot like us - good guards and forwards with no big dominating center.

The keys for us will be what they always are: play good defense, rebound and run. If we can do these things with what is looking to be a good crowd, we can win. The crowd can definitely make a difference here.

This is the kind of game that Talor loves: national TV audience on ESPN2, quality opponent and a good crowd. I think if we can keep it close for 35 minutes, then it will be Talor time.


It is great to hear that they don’t have a dominating big man. Maybe we can see continued improvement from Jones and another good game from Brooks. The more success they have now the better we will be going into B10 play. I am very excited to watch this game and also expect Battle to have a good game in this situation.


Jeff Allen is about as close as you get to a “dominating big man” as we’ll see this year. He’ll be very tough to contain. He’s about 6’8" and can bang in the inside, but will also step outside and shoot the 3 (think of someone like a Cornley. Though he’ll make some 3’s, I’ll be happy to see him further from the basket, as he’s someone that could put Jones in early foul trouble (I assume that Jones will match up with him, since his strength is probably a little too much for Brooks and his size a little too much for DJ).