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Thoughts on Brooks and B10 accolades

What is everybody’s feelings regarding Jeff and any B10 awards. While I’m certain we all feel he his top team caliber at this point, I would highly doubt he would get named to the team. However, has he done enough at this point for a 2nd team nomination? I think so.

I think he’s in the mix. It really all depends how he does “down the stretch” (to co-opt a Jerardi horse-racing term).

Speaking of Dick Jerardi, he has been talking up Jeff for all big ten for a couple weeks.

More importantly for Jeff, he might be getting the attention of some NBA scouts now.

In Big Ten games, Brooks is:

6th in scoring
6th in rebounding
2nd in FG%
12th in FT%
1st in 3pt%
T1st in blocks