Thoughts and prayers for the Dado family


Sadly the CDT is reporting that the missing student Joe Dado was found dead. RIP


Campus was a bit eerie tonight after this news came out. I have a class from 6-9 at night on Mondays, and we received the news sometime around 8 pm (text messages). When walking home at around 9:15 the whole campus seemed eerily quiet (even for a Monday) - there were still some people walking around but all conversations seemed to be about Dado and were in fairly quiet voices. I stopped at Eb’s to get a cheese steak for a late dinner and even the employees there were talking about Dado.

I don’t know, maybe it was just me, but it seemed to have an odd feel and vibe to it. Really just an odd experience over all.

I was in a class that isn’t too far from Deike (where he was found) and heard search helicopters flying overhead, and then the sirens once he was found. It’s a shame.