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This joker has to be a poster here, right?


Not only is it written in a fashion that would struggle to earn passing marks in middle school English classes, he uses terms like “apologists” and even CAPITALIZES words for emphasis just like all my favorite posters here. :smiley:

He does take a slightly different angle than I’ve seen here though - apparently the ones complaining about the IM building are Ed-apologists, whereas I’ve seen mostly AD-haters doing most of the crying about it.

Really nice opportunity to take a few swings at Ed, though. Very classy Mr. Morelli.


Even those who want to see DeChellis go disagree with this hackpiece.

Morelli writes for BWLie… 'nuff said.


[quote=“NationBuilder, post:2, topic:1979”]Even those who want to see DeChellis go disagree with this hackpiece.

Morelli writes for BWLie… 'nuff said.[/quote]

That’s me. I want him gone yesterday, but this was a terrible article written in a very childish manner.


[quote=“NationBuilder, post:2, topic:1979”]Even those who want to see DeChellis go disagree with this hackpiece.

Morelli writes for BWLie… 'nuff said.[/quote]

He hasn’t written for them in quite a while.


Not really sure what this writer is trying to do… Its not too much to ask for a Division I Big Ten Mens Basketball program to have adequate facilities. The logic that since ED hasn’t made the tournament means he doesn’t deserve the facilities is just… interesting.

If the dude wanted to write a #FireED article, there is plenty of ammo, but this isn’t it.


I think the point of the article was Ed (or Ed apologists) shouldn’t use practicing in the IM building as an excuse for losing, which I agree with. But he missed the main point that most people were railing about was that the way it went down shows how little support there is for the BBall program and how bad the AD is in general at his job. It was just a very poor written article.


Well, that’s five minutes of my life that I’ll never get back…HACK.


I personally place some of the blame on basketball. You have to fight everyday to get what you need to be successful. If you don’t than practicing at the IM Building becomes acceptable.

I don’t think that the AD’s office should be the ones making sure things do or do not happen.


This person is the sole reason I let my subscription to BWI lapse. He’s always been a trojan horse, mudslinging PSU at every opportunity. Now that he’s gone I still haven’t re-upped so he cost Phil at least one subscription that I can verify. I’m afraid if I sign up again they’ll hire him back. I love when columnists use the trite “It says here” when they’re trying to make a point, as if that phrase lends weight to the argument. I don’t ever recall him writing a positive or congratulatory word about PSU football or basketball, ever. You get all the smarm and snottiness you can stomach, and more. He’s got some sort of grudge against PSU, that much I believe is evident. But hey, so what. He can write what he likes. That’s what all those wars were about. I won’t pay to read anything he writes again.


He did have one thing right. Washington is turning the woman’s hoop ship in a positive direction. They should get an invite to the woman’s dance.


Yes, while hedging his bet with “barring a collapse,” or some such wording, which anyone reading this article doesn’ t need to be reminded. Don’t miss that chance to reinforce to the readership that we’re talking about PSU here…a collapse is always as imminent as standing in Qaddafi’s doorway. Any support is bridled with smarm and “Nyaa, nyaa, nyaa…”

At his weekly news conference last week, Penn State men’s basketball coach Ed DeChellis publicly complained about his team being forced out of the Bryce Jordan Center and into the IM Building across the street. Why did the Nittany Lions need to vacate the BJC? Well, a couple of weeks ago, there was a Bon Jovi concert. Last week, there was a career fair and a little event called THON – you know, the student-run event that raised $9.5 million for children with cancer.

Basically, DeChellis’ gripe with the athletic department, the Jordan Center and the Penn State administration is that the university doesn’t take basketball seriously.

Legit gripe in my opinion. We’ve been saying much of the same for years – even before ED became coach.

[b]It shouldn’t be taken seriously.[/b]

In his eight seasons as head coach, the Nittany Lions have NEVER made the NCAA tournament. With just one road win this season, that’s unlikely to change. The last time the Lions made the big dance, Jerry Dunn was head coach. Yes, the same Jerry Dunn who was run out of town to make way for DeChellis. With Steve Lavin ready and waiting to come to Happy Valley, DeChellis was brought in. That decision has resulted in an NIT championship and zero tourney appearances.

Maybe Moronelli is playing the chicken / egg game here. In my opinion if the administration would take basketball seriously, the team would see some success. He’s criticizing ED’s comments while saying THE ADMINISTRATION should have hired Lavin. Where is he going with this?

Back to the matter at hand, though – the issue of being pushed out of the Jordan Center and into the IM Building. It’s been reported that the hoops at the IM Building were crooked and multiple holes for volleyball net stanchions needed to be taped over as to prevent tripping over their caps.

Boo hoo.

Penn State coach Ed DeChellis was not happy with the conditions at the IM Building.

The apologists for the basketball program will tell you that Ed and his squad should not be subjected to the horrendous conditions at the IM Building. Crooked hoops? A dangerous playing surface? Say it ain’t so, Ed, say it ain’t so.

I agree with ED. A division 1 program with the money PSU has should NEVER force their team to practice in anything other than first class conditions. Would the football team ever practice under such conditions? No way.

It says here that DeChellis doesn’t have a leg to stand on. If his program were in the NCAAs year in and year out, he’d have a right to gripe about things like practice facilities and travel accommodations. Heck, he could even complain about the chicken fingers at training table and no one would bat an eye. But this is a losing program that has done very little in DeChellis’ eight seasons.

Um, Chris, the program will never get the players it needs to get to the level you suggest if the administration doesn’t treat the program like it wants them to get there. Again, he has the chicken and egg thing backwards.

[b]Here’s some food for thought: Bon Jovi, the career fair and THON also displaced the Lady Lions.[/b] Did we hear a peep out of women’s basketball coach Coquese Washington? No. Of course, Washington has her squad on the verge of her first NCAA women’s tournament appearance. Barring a collapse, Washington will have her squad there in just four seasons while DeChellis is still looking for his inaugural appearance in the Big Dance after eight seasons at the helm.

Yeah, dopey, the women might not have complained, but they lost to MSU and OSU and almost lost to IU during that stretch. This could end up being the reason they don’t win the B1G this year. But hey, they didn’t complain about it so it must be okay.

This guy is a piece of work. What crawled up his butt? This entire piece was just an uncalled for shot at ED. If I ever had respect for this clown, it all flushed down the toilet with this piece of crap “article”.