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The Three Point Shot Part Deux

This afternoon Wisconsin beat OSU. Both had 22 FG’s. Wiscy made 8 of 21 threes (38%); OSU made 4 of 11 threes (36%). Wiscy shot 42% from the field (including threes); OSU shot 47% from the field (including threes). OSU won the rebounding battle by 4. Wiscy won the free throw contest 9-11 to 10-19 for the Bucks.

So basically, OSU outplayed Wiscy in every aspect of the game except three point field goals and foul shooting – and lost at home.

I think the Bucks really miss Deibler - both beyond the arc and at the free throw line.

There’s probably a pretty high correlation between 3pt shooting and foul shooting - if you can shoot three’s, you can probably shoot free throws.