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The Tavern

Nice story on the Tavern Restaurant by Onward State (whose logo, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, I have borrowed as my profile picture). Sadly though, Onward State, as is their wont, manages to screw it up by spelling one of their featured subjects’ name wrong - it’s Katie O’Toole, not Katie Toole.

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No doubt that the Tavern is part of psu history but honestly I haven’t eaten there since the 80s. Been to the Adam’s apple a few times.

I feared for the worst when I opened this thread. Glad it was just a feature and not yet another State College restaurant closing.

I have said this out loud to a waiter or waitress at The Tavern more than once: “I will have all of the side dishes with the exception of the following.” (They’re small!) My metabolism was faster back then…


That would get you classified as a “veggie freak” by the staff (at least that would have a decade or two ago - not sure if they still use the same term).

Always loved the ability to get a side order of spaghetti and french fries, regardless of what I got for dinner - even if it was a pasta dish!

I had dinner there back in the fall, pretty sure the day our football team played Michigan. I stopped at the bar in the back for a beer because I still had time before I needed to head to the hockey game. I asked the bartender if she knew you. She asked “you mean the guy who does the magic tricks?”.

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When I worked there I remember this older couple ordering chef’s salads (which weren’t exactly fine cuisine) and ordering every side dish. And those two ate every bite. Unfortunately I believe that dinner bill was about $12 back then, so not really worth the effort as a waiter.


I used to use the cocktail waitresses as subjects to perfect my new tricks. Sadly, the bar doesn’t do enough business these days to keep a cocktail waitress on (other than big weekends like football games). I’m still searching for the right hangout to practice new tricks in public (performing in front of a mirror only partially works).

I do still occasionally do a trick or two there though, so many of the employees still know I do magic… In fact, they actually keep a top hat behind the bar for me, so I can perform this particular trick (instead of putting the card on a table, I put it in the top hat).

The Tavern in State College to see building improvements after ownership change
The Tavern Restaurant in State College will soon undergo some changes.

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Rest assured no change in my avatar and, I assume, no change in the board’s Tavern rule. It’s business as usual.

Can we still burn down the mustard factory anyway? :upside_down_face:

Curious - what is the board’s Tavern rule?

Rule No. 1, also known as “THE TAVERN RULE”

Do not post anything here that you would not say to a player’s or coach’s mother’s face in The Tavern.

This rule presumes that if you find yourself in this hypothetical situation in The Tavern, you are

  1. Not intoxicated
  2. A reasonably well-mannered person

If you abide by this simple rule, the rest is superfluous.

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Love, love, love The Tavern Rule.

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What about things we might say to a player’s second cousin at the Saloon at 1:30 in the morning on a Tuesday? :thinking:

Tavern Rule keeps this place what it is, imo. Never change.


That would be a huge waste given what they have done with it. They have made substantial and long overdue improvements.

Just so glad to hear The Tavern will still be there and it’s just being updated. Had my first date with my wife of 35 years there- that place is good luck for me!!!

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Somehow I just saw this… I’m hopeful that they don’t remove any of the old team pics back by the bar. My Grandfather is in a few of the old Lacrosse team photos’ from back in the 1920’s and I always try to stop by and raise a toast to “GP” when we’re in town.