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The Not F'ing Average NCAA Tourney IGT

10 minutes wrote game time. Last chance for some positive vibes for victory!

I Believe…

I Believe That.

Took today off - am planting my arse in my recliner and watching the game…with green beer in hand.

Sláinte chugat and Happy St. Patty’s Day!


We are…

That was a bad TO.

TB’s finger banged on first play.

Talor looks like he’s favoring one of his hands

I like our rebouning so far. Big 3 by TB!

Offense looks in flow. Defense needs to communicate a little better on screens. Like the confidence so far though. Seem very comfortable out there.

We match up ok. I’m In row 9 directly across from the Penn State bench. These guys look like us.

We’ve gotten a few easy looks off lazy Temple defense, hope it continues.

Getting some really good movement on offense so far. Defense could be better, but I’m confident it will come around.

I like the fact that we’re scoring more than just jumpers. Need to keep JB and AJ3 involved.

PSU doing a really nice job inside so far. Defense looks good, but intensity could be a bit more it feels like. Great rebounding, though.

Yea, that drive by Brooks and that 3 by TB. Won’t count on it continuing though. Need to keep up the rebounding.

I’m so nervous but I’m glad we have the lead early on


Everyone has scored already. Nice.

Loving Jeff Brooks here early. Looks active and very comfortable and confident.