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The first ever Chambers era game thread - SRU


At least we’ll have a couple hours of respite from the other Penn State topics of the day.

I can’t make it to the game today. How’s the crowd? Any recruits spotted? Any word on the starting lineup? Any videos of the halftime entertainment from UncleLar’s iPhone? :slight_smile:


Looks like the game won’t start at 4 since the ladies’ game just ended.


Actually the second thread. By 34 seconds. :wink:




I was a little confused by the order of intros, who is starting? Graham, Sasa, Frazier, who else?


Graham, Oliver, Frazier, Glover, Woodyard according to live stats.


From the Penn State Hoops Twitter Account:

“Tipoff at the BJC. Lions start Frazier, Glover, Woodyard, Oliver and Graham in first competition under Coach Chambers.”


That is correct starting 5. Woodyard with a 3


Sasa has very good post moves.
Running hard on missed shots.
Billy has super green light on 3’s
Already 9 deep in subbing


Lewis playing, I guess his ankle is OK


Sloppy so far but they definitely a real scrappiness to the energy of the team


Using a 3qtr court 1-2-2 press on made freeshots


No Alexis/Ackerman yet


Tre pulling a Battle-like banked 3 at shot clock buzzer


Can I ask you guys where you are following the game? I went on the gametracker, but it isn’t showing anything for me. Thanks.



Sasa with 6. Kid will like him a lot


I am posting from my phone at the game

[quote="bballguy, post:15, topic:2779"]Can I ask you guys where you are following the game? I went on the gametracker, but it isn't showing anything for me. Thanks.[/quote]

Thank you.


Anybody know this Colella kid was going to be seeing the floor so much?