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The Chamber's family welcomes a daughter


BWI reports that the Chamber family welcome a daughter yesterday. Congradulations to the family. Mazol Tov!!


Just saw this on twitter, congrats Chambers family!!


Congrats Chambers family!

I’m guessing, however, that Marilyn was not near the top of the name list:)


Can she play the 3?



Congrats coach!

Just a couple thoughts…

  1. I’m glad your child was born this March…I fully expect that your job will keep you quite busy into late March for the next 10-20 years.

  2. My son was just born 2 weeks ago…maybe we’ll end up eating Thanksgiving dinner together in a about 25 years.


Congratulations Coach Chambers :slight_smile:


Chambers expands Penn State basketball family
By Jeff Rice — State College - Centre Daily Times
Posted: 10:53am on Mar 24, 2012; Modified: 11:40am on Mar 24, 2012

and it should be a busy offseason for the coach, who will likely fill one of three open scholarships with a Class of 2012 or junior-college player this spring and is also scheduled to have surgery in May to correct a nagging knee injury.


Congratulations coach! Now get Jeter to verbal quickly so you can go get that knee take care of.


Is it an NCAA violation to name your kid after some prized recruits? I can’t believe that hasn’t been done yet.


Pat should have been thinking along those lines when naming his daughter Sheldon Brandon(just to ensure the current prize is signed sealed and delivered) Chambers. First slip-up recruiting wise.

Congrats to the Chambers family!



John W. Diercks (#37) for Penn State BOT