"The Ball"


Tim’s brother Rande took this shot of the ball that that therealtruth et al helped get signed for Tim. It’s posted on the home page of the site but I wanted to make sure that those who only come to the forum got a look too.


Damn nice gesture the kids and program made. Everyone involved should be proud of themselves. I’m feeling very PSU proud after seeing that!!!


Awesome! Glad to see the Talor Battle figurine in the photo, too. :slight_smile:


I only see a few signatures, I’m assuming the rest are on the other white portions of the ball? Its awesome that Tim has been recognized by the team.


safe assumption


The nice thing about it was the program was already well aware of the situation within 24 hours of the post regarding Tim’s health. I contacted some people in the office that I knew and they were already packing up stuff to send him. Great to see that even in a small way they’re aware of the people doing a lot of thankless work for the program.