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Temple is better than SDSU.


As long as Fernandez is on the floor.


Aztecs on a nice run here.


It’s like an SDSU home game.


Man, really wanted a game with SDSU if Jeff didn’t re-injur his shoulder.


Temple falling apart.


Ok, not ready to bet the house on Temple being better. SDSU would have been tough for us without Jeff.


I think we would have had a bear of a time with Jeff. Without, I don’t see much of a chance at all. No matter, it’s arguing angels and heads of pins. Maybe TU can start a little run.


SDSU looking like a beatable team…if you don’t make mistakes. Temple’s made some silly mistakes with the ball and on defense and SDSU took advantage.


I wish we got the version of Fernandez playing tonight


SDSU definitely intimidating, that’s why Temple missing a lot up close. They expect to be closed on. Dunphy not that thrilled with fernandez’s play.


Temple has managed to control the tempo though. Tied with 40 seconds left.

I think a healthy PSU team would be in this game, too.






Helluva game. I thought SDSU was going to win comfortably. Good for the Owls.


Wow! Temple kid trying to take the charge gummed up a sure offensive board but “we” dodged a bullet!


Wow, that was one of the more impressive steals I’ve seen


GREAT steal, yeah.


Never thought I’d say this, but ‘Go Owls!’


I have SDSU in the bracket but I’m toast anyway so Go Owls. It’s not looking good now though.