Temple IGT


So far, pretty even. Getting some good looks inside.

5-4 temple


DJ with a block ;D


PSU up 13 - 7


Babb with a 3!


Listening to Dick and Steve. In the background you can hear the PSU coaches yelling instructions to the players, getting on the refs, etc. Really interesting.


You can hear the PSU fans there with the “airball” chant.


Ed should’ve called the TO earlier. Let them back in it with Talor gassed.


Radio Link? Thanks in advance.



Never had the under 12 and already below the under 8… both teams looked dead. Pace was very strange there for a few possessions and it let Temple get back to tie it up. Should get plenty of rest with next two dead balls.


Zero inside play by PSU. May be intimidated by Owl forwards. Hope it doesn’t become nothing but 3’s.


Glad to hear Babb is shooting well. Hopefully we can open things up in the paint.


Babb looks good when he goes straight up.

The Temple TV announcer can’t tell the difference between Babb and Edwards.


Edwards is a battler on the boards. Really fought hard to get that last rebound, playing it off the glass to himself


Yeah, Edwards gets good positioning and rebounds well for a wing.




Edwards made a good drive but kind of pounded it against the glass inside. That’s what young players do more than anything else - get intimidated once they get inside. He’ll shake that off by the Big Ten season, I bet.


How are Edwards shots looking? Dick and Steve are picking on him for his shot selection.


Edwards actually made the baseline drive. Don’t think I’ve seen anyone do that for PSU since Geary.


Brooks w/ a block ;D