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Have at it

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I so want a PSU Alumni based team! I still wonder about the finances of forming a team and why we haven’t yet.

Can’t wait to watch DJ play again. His game is at 5PM on ESPN today! Wonder how much playing time he’ll get.

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Thanks TJB!

Hoping DJ plays a bunch!

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I need an IGT like no other time in my life.

And it’s DJ to boot!

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DJ’s starting! He’s no. 1 in white.

Gotta feed DJ the rock!

DJ got stripped driving to the rim and they responded with a 3 at the other end. 10-2 Stars.

Sloppy for the Philly team so far. Nice charge to stop the bleeding hopefully.

I appreciate the announcer trying to show he “knows Philly” but the Schuylkill and 476 are not equivalent.

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There you go DJ! Nice 3 off the screen. 40-37 Philly team at the half.

DJ got challenged hard going for a dunk right before the half. Looks like he might have dinged up his wrist. Hope he’s okay.

One of those phantom PSU no call hacks we’ve seen haha.

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Thinking the thread was ThrowBack Thursday, I wanted to say that HoJo should be starting and that we should have hired a Penn State grad as a coach as Chambers will just use us as a stepping stone, perhaps back to Thomas Jefferson. —Insert chosen emoji here—

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DJ taking over late.

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No game tonight. Team Brotherly Love onto the quarter-finals. Is this what the NBA will look like before they shut it down?

Yes. I expect the same things to happen for all close contact sports. Baseball has the best chance to be relatively safe. The only gathering spots are the bench, bullpen & locker (all require masks), home plate (I think all umps are masked not sure about catcher) and 1st base. I personally think 1st baseman and catcher should be masked although that is really rough for catchers.

Really good game between the Illini and OSU based teams going on right now. So wished we had one in there. At least we can watch DJ whenever he plays again. Sucked his game got cancelled but better safe then sorry.

DJ and his team plays again the the quarterfinals on Friday at 2 pm on espn.

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