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Taylor University's "Silent Night" game

Who in heaven’s name ever comes up with an idea like this and then gets everyone to buy into it? ;D

Even though the question is intended to be rhetorical, here’s the answer.

it looks like a fun time.

if only the silence in the BJC would end after the 10th point

Boy, that’s a strange thing to do. It must be hard to play a basketball game while everyone is singing Silent Night. It isn’t exactly Zombie Nation! :smiley:

That looks like a lot of fun

Grew up 10 minutes from Taylor and always attended its summer basketball camps. Patterson, the coach speaking in the clip, seemed like an old man then. I can’t believe he’s still around.

At the camp, they used to bring in Rick Mount to teach shooting. Two memories from that: 1. He went absolutely bonkers screaming at a kid who wasn’t paying attention. I remember thinking he was such a jerk. 2. That changed later, when he watched me shoot. I took about three shots as he watched closely. After I finished, he said he had no advice to offer me and to just keep doing what I do.

Another random Taylor University note. That “Silent Night” game was a part of the Ivanhoe’s Classic. Ivanhoe’s is a heck of a little restaurant just off campus with 50 different kinds each of ice cream sundaes and shakes. I ate many a meal there in high school with friends on Saturday nights.