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Taran Buie Suspended

PSUStretch Penn State will take the floor tonight without freshman Taran Buie who has been suspended indefinitely for a violation of team rules.

What a superstar. Not.

This was not one of the things I was looking for this evening.

Ben_Jones88 Taran Buie did not make the trip to tonight's Penn State-Indiana game. Suspended indefinitely for violating team rules

Anyone else visualizing Ed’s house of cards crumbling? That seems to be what’s happening. :-\

That’s a good thing for the program, you know that, right? It really sucks for the seniors on this team, but its better in the long run.

I am not really thinking Buie being suspended is good for anything. His short stay at PSU is becoming a disaster.

I love Talor and I think Taran seems like a nice enough kid. This is just god awful.

Wasn’t Taran cited for having character issues at State College HS? Haven’t there been talks of him thinking hes better than he is, etc? Wasn’t he cited for some type of run in with the police before the season? Now this. Doesn’t seem like a coincidence to me.

[quote="byake, post:4, topic:1693"]Anyone else visualizing Ed's house of cards crumbling? That seems to be what's happening. :-\[/quote]

That’s a good thing for the program, you know that, right? It really sucks for the seniors on this team, but its better in the long run.

And here you claimed that you were still rooting for this team. Guess that pretty much shows your true colors. That’s only a step away from justifying cheating, fyi. If it’s all for the long term health of the program, I mean… anything goes at that point, right?

I’m rooting for this program to do well, ED’s cards to crumble = doing well (at least doing better), in my eyes.

Of course I don’t think the program should cheat – its possible to do well without cheating.

I’m just saying - you’re treading an awfully thin line there when you think the team losing is a good thing, however you have come to justify that, you are just a hop skip and jump away from justifying almost anything when you play the bigger picture game with your own team.

I’m not happy about it Craftsy, trust me. Its come to the point where its almost non enjoyable to watch the games. I want the kids to win, but I also want the program to get better – which I 100% believe is without ED at the helm. Its a double edged sword for me. I think I’m just beyond the point of being disappointed when the team loses – I crossed that line last season.

I guess something that would suit my feelings well would be a mid-season fire. That way I can root for the team to win every game, and have hope for a more successful program. Although I doubt that would happen, and I’m not sure if it would be the best option.

You know once Taran got in trouble twice during the summer I said to myself that things usually come in 3s and I was expecting something else to happen. Seems possible that even if Taran wasn’t going to transfer after this season, the team may not want him back. This is not typical of the character PSU basketball players are supposed to have.

I just think you can be fully aware of the situation without turning your back on the current regime.

I mean, if you were to take that line of thinking to it’s most extreme, you would have some really bizarre things going through your head - for instance, I don’t like a lot of the calls we make at individual moments during the game. But I don’t sit there and say “I hope this doesn’t work because it’s not what we should be doing”. I hope whatever we do works, somehow. But I can also tell you straight-faced that what we’re doing isn’t a long-term +ev strategy. Doesn’t mean I won’t pull for the guys. You gotta dance with the girl you brought, there will be plenty of time for coaching change talk and all that noise when the season ends, but there is nothing to be gained from making changes now or rooting for changes now.

I’ve had a lot of good times watching this current regime and this current crop of seniors. I wish them nothing but the best. At season’s end, there will be some tough decisions to make for everyone involved with this program. But let’s just see what happens the rest of this year first.

That’s my take anyways. You’re entitled to your own, but be careful rooting against your own team or you may never find your way back entirely. :confused:

Other than a minutes issue is this a big deal.

You obviously raise great points Craftsy. Its tough to root for a team with all your heart, and then get disappointed when that coaching change isn’t made at the end of the season. You get the disappointment of losing, and the disappointment of not having hope for a successful future.

Oh well. You’re lucky you don’t have this perspective, let me tell you that!

Just a fwiw:

From the time I’ve spent in the basketball offices Buie has gotten nothing but glowing reviews in regards to his practice, lockerroom, and additude towards doing what it takes to win. If I had to guess, and it’s just a guess, this is related to his grades, not legal issues.

Hope you are right, but violation of team rules usually isn’t academic, it’s usually substance related or late for meeting/shoot around.

NGameday - I was more concerned with it being an attitude problem to be honest. His minutes have slipped the last 4 games from 18 to 16 to 12, to 10. He generally competes with Brooks for having the worst attitude about coming out of the game anytime he’s subbed, and I’m just wondering how he’s adjusting from being the man in high school to a limited role player in a completely different type of system here at PSU.

That’s pure speculation - but just watching his body language this year I don’t get the impression he is real happy with his role and he’s not afraid of making it known.

I don’t know what’s worse - if it’s my theory, or yours though. Let’s hope neither and that this passes quickly.

I think if it was grade related he would have missed the Maine game.

Exactly. Finals were over Friday the 17th.