This is the kind of game that Talor loves. Big crowd; ACC team; hostile environment. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a great game tonight.


He’s got that smile. :slight_smile:


Ups as always to Talor.


Good call :slight_smile:


I thought it was only me.
I mentioned to my wife at the SH game that “Talor doesn’t seem to smile like last year”.

He was sure smiling last night.
Winning and having fun makes you smile. But mostly having fun.


Steve Jones and Dick Jerardi interviewed Talor after the game last night. Talor admitted that he just wasn’t having a lot of fun in the early season games. He said he had a good conversation with Ed and came away somewhat reinvigorated.

Dick also said that the games in Charleston just weren’t Talor’s type of venue. He needs a crowd - playing in Charleston was like playing a pickup game.

Talor also said he was really enjoying playing with Tim Frazier and how Tim was taking a lot of pressure off him.