Talor Battle on Andy Katz's Draft list




Talor isn’t on Chad Ford’s top 100 list for next year.

7 Jared Sullinger
18 Rodney Williams
30 JaJuan Johnson
45 William Buford
55 Kalin Lucas
56 Jimmer Fredette
70 Mike Davis
85 Herb Pope


I’m not an insider, but is Hazell on Ford’s list? If so, what #?

I find it odd that Katz doesn’t have Pope on his list… I’m assuming because of his hospital visit. He was a borderline 2nd round pick this draft class.


Ford’s 2011 list:


Oops…looks like it onlys shows Top 20. Sorry.


Yeah I tried to view it, only insiders can see the whole 100. :-\


No Hazell on the list