Talor Battle hopes to lift Penn St. to NCAAs


www.philly.com: GENARO C. ARMAS, The Associated Press


He grew an inch? At age 21? Hah. If that continues, who knows how tall he’ll end up. :wink:


all of my post21 growth has been horizontal


I remember Hassell grew pretty late in the game, unusual but not unheard of-especially for basketball players.


I’m guessing this is the same AP writer (the 1st article doesn’t have an author listed) who wrote that he grew an inch also on the media day article. It would be nice if we could get some type of confirmation.


Maybe PSU is using shoes with taller soles this year?


Are we talking about the same inch twice, or did he grow two inches just weeks apart? :wink:


It’s an inch. I don’t think an inch is going to make a difference…5’10 to 5’11. Be DPG (dunks per game) may increase though. :wink:


No, now it’s 6’0"! Could make a difference. :wink:


gopsusports.com: Battle Named To Preseason All-Big Ten Team For Second Time


Interesting. The preseason All BigTen11 first team has NO players in the 4 or 5 position. Shows how the game is changing.


I was thinking the same thing, but it looks like they just pick who they think are the best players. The all freshmen team Battle’s 1st year had no pg’s. I think it was Harris, E. Moore, Koufos, Hummel and Eric Gordon. As Lucas played behind Neitzel, I thought Battle had a chance. I think the second team had at least 2 pg’s.

Kind of a copout, but what the heck.


Though Purdue’s JaJuan Johnson has to be considered All-Big Ten First Team Sixth Man.