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Talor Battle gives speech in front of PSU alumni council



That’s not easy to do and I’m pretty impressed with how well he pulled it off.


It’s not often you have a player who cements his legend before he graduates and I have a feeling this isn’t the end of the impact Talor is going to have on the program.


If coaching is in his plans some day, he definitely has the intangibles to be a good coach. He’s proven it on the court, and he’s a great success story for those under privileged kids to look up to.


Talor has certainly grown a lot as both a basketball player and as a person. I know I could not have talked so comfortably to the Alumni Council at that age. It exemplifies what I love about Penn State Athletics: quality student-athletes who compete on the field at a high level but who are also challenged to become more dynamic and socially productive people. We’re definitely not the only school that aspires to and often achieves that goal, but the notion that we’ve stayed loyal to the “student” part of “student-athlete” in the face of great pressures to simply “Win, baby, win!” largely defines my Penn State Pride.


Nice job Talor - it’s been a pleasure!!


If you listened to Talor in his post game interviews with Steve and Dick or watch his interactions with Ed and the other coaches, you could tell he was comfortable talking to the press, faculty, coaches, etc. You probably have to give some credit to Steve Jones, too, because I think a lot of those kids cycle through some of Steve’s communications classes. The Talor Battle - PSU story has been a win-win. He will continue to be a great ambassador for the program. I really hope he can play in the NBA for a few years.


I’d say his speech was a lot harder than talking to the press, too.