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Talor at the foul line


It’s nice to see Talor draining his FT’s.
After missing his first two foul shots in the Michigan State game he has run off his next 16 straight. NIce. Prior to this run I would bet that in his now 549 career foul shots, Talor never had a double digit run in FT’s. The run has taken his seasons FT% from 69% to it’s current 74%.
Certainly other things going well with team play need to stay in place but if Talor shoots 75% plus from the line for the season we will get a couple of games in the win column, that the line says we can’t win.
When you make 16 in a row, then the hitch in the stroke suddenly looks just fine. ;D


Thanks for jinxing him :stuck_out_tongue:


How about the team in general at the line? perfect two games ago, 12-13 last night. Crazy stuff.


DJ also hit 3 clutch FT’s in the final 3 minutes against Ohio State. The team’s 72.6% clip from the line this season is the highest FT% for any team in the DeChellis era.


Good point. 26 out of 27 these last two games is frankly pretty unreal.


Missed free throws always drive me crazy and it doesn’t help that the Clippers miss a lot. I was always curious why Talor is only a 70% free throw shooter, but I have noticed he’s been making them during the team’s stretch of better play. I hope he has figured it out at the free throw line and will be a good shooter. He’s a good jump shooter, so I don’t see why he can’t hit 80% of his free throws.


Poor free throw shooting some something that always hampered Talor. That was 1 thing in addition to others that scouts would point to as something he had to correct. Now he has done that. Hopefully he keeps proving he deserves to be in the NBA.


First 530 college foul shots Talor barely a 70% foul shooter. Wonder if after that many foul shots any other college BB player, then ever ran off 24 or more straight made foul shots. That is where he is after his 6-6 tonight against Iowa. Who’d a thought? Great to see it.


This is the evolution of his game smarts. He’s going to maximize every weapon he can utilize to beat you. He’s no longer careless on the line. He wants to make on a drive, sure but he really wants those free points. Before it was like it was just gravy to him. He was acting like he wanted to draw one near the end tonight. I think we were up 12 before the possession with Brooks’ dunk. Either that possession or the next one. Iowa was no longer interested in fouling but Bub was trying to get a call in the corner on the inbound. The guy is easily in my top 5 all time now for guys I consider favorite players.


Does everyone remember what a dreadful foul shooter Gyasi was for his first 3 years? Magically his senior year he hit everything. Of course, Brooksy has sort of paralleled Gyasi in his career with the senior season breakout. Let’s hope this season ends like that one did!


Battle appears to have ridden himself of the pause he did as would bring the ball up to shoot on the FT line. He would pause at the top, almost like a hitch. I’m sure he used it as a timing thing, but I don’t notice the hitch anymore. Shot is more fluid and natural and it seems to be paying off.

Also, loved hearing from last nights announcers that Battle was an hour early to last nights shootaround, practicing a number of different shots (he mentioned the fake 3-shot, steping in a few feet for mid-range jumper).