Syracuse Goes Down


… to their crosstown Div. II “rival” LeMoyne!

I hope our guys are taking the exhibition game seriously, because the other guys will.


Think1, I don’t know if you’ve gone to the states, but I am surprised how poorly Mookie Jones has started out at Syracuse. Thiink he was hurt last year. He had no points last night, was 8th in minutes, and Brandon Triche started. I thought Mookie was among best players I ever saw. He was 3 time 1st team all state in “A”, and almost singlehandedly beat Jimmer Fredette’s GF team in '07, winning MVP in PHSAA and Federation. Peekskill was 2 time state winner, only losing to Triche’s team in '08, but Triche’s team had 6’10" center, now at Colgate, who was too much for Peekskill team. Not sure what happened. I thought Mookie was one of most clutch players I ever saw. Maybe a tweener, too big for guard, too small for forward. I thought he’d make it as a 2. He was Syracuse’s number 1 target. Boeheim was at his games, and I spoke to an SU scout.