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Strongest senior class in B10 history?

I know we’ve all been following these guys for a while, but just thought it deserved a thread. Look at this year’s seniors:

McCamey, Tisdale, Davis

Lucas, Summers

Nolen, Hoffarber


Lauderdale, Diebler


Johnson, Moore


…and there are others (Brooks, Jackson, Jones, Cole, Nankevil, Thompson) who are solid contributors on their teams. And of course others who are injured/left their teams (Coble, Hummel, Turner, Harris). You could nearly stock an all-B10 1st and 2nd team just with current seniors.

Anyone think of a year in recent memory that is this top-loaded? If the B10 really proves to be the strongest conference this year, will the media pick up this topic as an interesting story?

I’m excited to watch these guys play in conference. They have been playing against each other for 3 years now, and know each other extremely well. Should make for some interesting games in conference.

Great observation, it may indeed be the strongest in recent memory. Due to PSU’s success in 2000-01 I rememer that conference season alot better, and it had Crispin/Ivory/Cline-Heard (PSU), Andre Hudson/Charlie Bell (MSU), Dean Oliver/Reggie Evans/Luke Recker (Iowa), Ken Johnson (OSU), Sergio McClain (Ill).

2005-06 also had some big names in James Augustine/Dee Brown (Ilinois), Maurice Ager/Paul Davis (MSU) and the big guy Dials (OSU) but I have no idea if those seasons were as deep w/senior contributors as this year.

Outstanding observation and certainly why I and many others feel that the Big Ten is not only the best conference this year, but head and shoulders above #2.

You probably would be hard-pressed to find another senior class from any year as deep as this one.

1989 comes to mind as I know Nick Anderson and Kenny Battle (Gill and Bardo were juniors) for Illinois, Glen Rice for Michigan and BJ Armstrong, Roy Marble and Ed Horton for Iowa all highlighted play that season in the Big Ten as those teams finished 2, 3, 4 in conference. Indiana won the title that year with sophomore Jay Edwards running the show. I’m just not sure if the senior class went a lot deeper than that at other schools.

Hopefully you will be adding Jeff Brooks to this list by season’s end.