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Steve Miller 7' 1" Center from Scranton area is a lefty and righty = good hands

Miller was interviewed after the game on last Friday. by John Bucci -John coached Gerry McNamera in High School - when Miller was asked if he was a true lefty - he said no I feel more comfortable playing left handed -I shoot better lefty - he has to have good hands - he is ambidextrous - he is getting better every game - I hope they take a look!

Last night (Thursday) At Lakeland, Steve Miller scored 26 points, had 14 rebounds and blocked 13 shots as Lackawanna Trail defeated Lakeland, 52-44, Friday night in a Lackawanna Division III boys basketball game.

Miller scored 10 points and swatted five shots in the fourth quarter.

Do we have any shot at this kid?

I can’t see why not? he is learning every game - a real late bloomer - not much interest untill this year - maybe he needs a red shirt year unless he puts on some weight

That boy needs to go on the Calvin Booth diet :slight_smile: