State College (and Taran) vs. Indiana - Stream Here


If anybody is interested


Thanks, just tuned in. SC closed 13 point gap, tied at 44. Buie and Curley just hit back to back 3’s. 6+ minutes left.


2 point lead by SC. Buie just made steal, got fouled, hit 2 FT’s. He has 25. 57-55 SC. 1 minute left

This is some game. Buie just tied it. 8.4 seconds, Indiana ball in timeout. Buie has 26. 11 points in Q4.

59-59 OT

SC won, 70-65. Taran had 30. Tanner Curley hit four 3’s in Q4 and the OT, which were huge. Buie played in the post when SC’s Scholly fouled out.

Listening to the announcers(edited), said “Buie as advertised, hit two 3’s, scored in the paint, at the FT line. Buie made 2 pointer with 12 secs to tie the game. Buie’s the real deal. This Buie from NY who came to SC really did a great job. What a great game we were treated to. Lead changed hands 11 times, tied 10 times. SC put on quite a show in Q4.”

Indiana coach on the post game show re Buie. “He worked hard for those 30. He is a good player. I hope he’s got some nicks and bruises on him, that the points weren’t easy. We played him tough and I’d like to think he earned the points.”

kudos NICU, nice find.


Picked it up near the end of regulation when Buie tied the score, and stayed with it to the finish. Thanks for the link.


No problem on the link. That was a heck of a game.

I have listened to many, many, many SC games on over the last several years. I would be willing to bet that most of their games this season will be there. Just click broadcasts on the top left to see the day’s games.


Story of the game, and Western PA basketball outlook.


Is Tanner Curley related to Tim Curley?


He’s Tim’s son.

[quote="blue2blue, post:6, topic:502"]Is Tanner Curley related to Tim Curley?[/quote]

He’s Tim’s son.



SCHS’s home game with CDEHS for this coming Sat. 12/19 has been rescheduled for Sat. 2/13 @ 6 PM since SCHS is playing a football game for the state championship in Hershey this coming Saturday. BTW, MSU also plays @ PSU @ noon on Sat. 2/13. :slight_smile: