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SOT: Heat/Mavs Game 4 7:30 PM

I was just wondering what your thoughts are on the game tonight. This has been a tigt, back-and-forth series so far. I’d be willing to bet that we see a game 7.

The more this series goes on, the more I think the Heat are going to win it in six. The Mavericks don’t have an answer for Dwayne Wade, and Lebron James when the two are on the floor together. The Heat can match up Haslem with Nowitzki, and do a decent job (has held him to 9 for 23 this series when guarding him). The Mavs are feisty, and I think will definitely pick up another win to send this back to Miami. I think the Heat win tonight, 93-89.

I am with you on this, Mavs are missing Butler so bad right now. He would be the answer to the Wade/James match up problem and give them another scorer. Heat should of won game 2, so I think they just superior at this point.

Disagree. The Mavs keep finding ways to hang around, but they have been mostly dominated outside of a few minutes in the fourth quarter of the last two games. If the Heat can play a full 48 minutes the next two games this one is over in 5.

I mean, consider the effort it took to win game 2 by the Mavs - a huge comeback and unbelievable performance by Dirk and then they still had to hit a clutch game-winner to seal it or the Heat are up 3-0. I just don’t believe the Mavs have a good enough #2 for Dirk to lean on when he’s got the entire defense on him.

Didn’t know the NBA still existed.

You’re missing out. I tried to forget the league myself for awhile, but so long as you look at it as pure entertainment it’s quite fun. Like watching over the top action flicks with a bucket of popcorn. Just don’t waste any time with the regular season.

There are still 2 more games in Dallas, I don’t believe that the Heat will win 3 straight road games. I believe that the Mavs will win one of the next two. There are still players on the Mavs, like Jason Terry, that need to step up. I’m hoping that this series goes to a Game 7.

I tried to watch Game 2…just couldn’t do it. Baseball Tonight held my interest more.

7:30pm? What time zone are you in? I thought the game started at 9pm.

Usually, I’ll at least start watching by the Finals. This year I have yet to watch a single game all season.

In slightly more important news, the Gold Cup starts tonight. Watch that if you’re skipping the NBA. :slight_smile:

I used to be a huge NBA fan and attended quite a few games when I was younger (read elementary/middle school). That was during the golden years of the NBA though (Jordan , Pippen, Rodman, Ewing, Barkley, Shaq on the Magic, Webber on the Bullets, Bogues and LJ on the Charlotte Hornets, Kidd on the Nets… Manute Bull, Shawn Bradley, Stackhouse, etc). The most recent games I went to were Wizards games after Jordan’s comebacks.

I had completely fell out of following the NBA for years after the golden years ended, but am trying to watch more now that I feel it is improving from the prima donna years. The average fan may hate the Heat, but I find them fun to watch. It’s like when I watch the NFL after a lifetime of CFB, it’s just amazing how good the top of that next level really is.

Oh yeah, about game time - coverage begins at 7:30, tip is at 9… so you would be correct

Loved the NBA when I was young…now I don’t like it at all.

I turned the game on the other night and the first play I saw was Bosh going right against Paja. He got to the hoop after about 3 dribble less steps. He got an “and 1” call without being touched!
OFF went the TV.

Loved it when I was a kid, too, haven’t watched it in years.

Nice to see former Penn State recruit Dirk N. Has made something of himself.

[quote="NationBuilder, post:5, topic:2478"]Didn't know the NBA still existed.[/quote]

Usually, I’ll at least start watching by the Finals. This year I have yet to watch a single game all season.

That’s how I’ve been in the past, but for some reason I found the NBA to be quite compelling this year, especially throughout the playoffs. I think there are a lot of young, talented players that have reenergized the league.

I’d rather watch a Golden Girls marathon.

Agree with most that the NBA is starting to not suck so much again.

I usually only watch the Sixers, but I have found myself tuning in more often during these playoffs. This has been one of the better years for watching, and I think that obviously has to do with the whole LBJ narrative.

But if Dallas has any shot to win this thing, someone is going to have to step up their game. They need better guard play then they’re getting right now. Normally I’d assume that Kidd would be the guy to pull through, but he’s getting up there in years, so I don’t know…

I have always been an NBA fan, but I think that this year has been particularly fund to watch. So many storylines, so many interesting characters and teams. The Grizzlies run in particular this year was fun, would have liked to see them match up against the Mavs in the conference finals.
Now, unfortunately, it looks like Miami is likely to win this series. Barea has not been effective this series, and I thought he would be one guy that would give the Heat fits. In any case, if the Heat win this year, who knows how many they can win. That roster can only improve, especially with a fully healthy Miller and Haslem, and they should be able to find some solid vets who will take a pay cut to win a ring.

Watching Kobe getting swept was pretty fun :slight_smile: