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Some good news

Nice game story on Peter Alexis - scores career high 41.

Times Leader story of the game.

While never sure of the competition unless you see the games, 41 points is such an unusual occurrence in HS basketball, it has to be considered special, and that this kid knows how to score. Interesting to see his numbers in this big game coming up.

This is great news. I need to schedule a trip up there to see him play in a marquee matchup game.

I think Peter is the kind of kid Bo Ryan would find out in the hinterlands of Wisconsin or Minnesota and turn him into a all Big Ten caliber player. I hope Ed can do the same.

Kid, Hazleton is usually one of the better teams up here in NE Pa. Although they used to be better before the merger with West Hazleton. It’s kind of weird you would think with more kids they would be better, but the merger happened quite a while ago. Redeemer has a very good coach. He was the Coach at Bishop O’Reilly when they won states a few years ago and got the Redeemer job when O’Reilly and Bishop Hoban merged a few years ago.

Hazleton’s center is 6’5", so Peter had a significant height advantage on him. Notwithstanding that, I’m sure Peter saw a lot of double teams and box outs. 41 pts as a junior is good. It will interesting to watch him if he goes into the playoffs and plays against better and better competition.

I watch the highlights on the local news - the one thing that impressed me was on a play - a player was stripped of the ball and it came right to him - he did not hesitate one second - he did not bring the ball down - he went right up and slammed it - 2 hands - I like him - a big body but he can run and he is only a junior - I will watch for the news video - and will put it on - it usually shows up a few days after the day it was run on the sports show.

Coal, go to WNEP sports and watch the video on Hazleton. Some good video of Peter in there too.

I’ve seen video clips. He might be a good B10 post player if he gets stronger. Possibly an 8 rebound, 10 point type of player. But he is not an athlete. He can’t put the ball on the floor and beat his man off the dribble. We still need that type of player.

Not too many centers can do that. Tisdale? Suton? Back to the basket, one dribble will be fine. If he can’t do that it’s a problem.

Consider my comments part of a broader campaign to have people better understand perhaps the most misunderstood hoops stat of all - rebounds.

Your comment:

“Possibly an 8 rebound, 10 point type of player”

What type of player would that be?

A ten point a game player would be the 30th ranked player in the Big Ten. In other words, a very serviceable starter on most Big Ten teams.

But an eight rebound a game player would be the 3rd ranked player in the Big Ten. In other words, an all Big Ten performer.

So which guy do you think Alexis will be? A nice starter for us? Or an All Big Ten performer?

For the record, here’s a list of the Big Ten players who have averaged 10 points and 8 rebounds a game during the last four years.

2006-07: Greg Oden (9.6 rpg, 15.6 ppg), Geary Claxton (8.0 rpg, 16.3 ppg)
2007-08: D.J. White (10.3 rpg, 17.3 ppg)
2008-09: Goran Sutan (8.4 rpg, 10.4 ppg), Mike Davis (8.2 rpg, 11.6 ppg)
2009-10: Mike Davis (9.7 rpg, 11.5 ppg), Evan Turner (9.7 rpg, 18.6 ppg)

So if you’re telling us that we could be getting a Greg Oden, Geary Claxton, DJ White, Goran Sutan, Mike Davis, or Evan Turner type player in Peter Alexis, I think we’re going to be pretty happy. ::slight_smile: