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Some "angry" students talking smack to team

Sprinkled among the well wishes and congratulations on campus Monday from classmates to forward Jeff Brooks were a handful of shocked or angry students.

“I’ve seem some people say, you guys don’t deserve this, and I was like, ‘Then why do you go this school’,” Brooks said to laughs at a news conference.


[url=] (AP) - Weary but giddy, Penn State readies for NCAAs



I bet it was Devon.


That’s some bull crap. How can you not be happy for the team? ???




I bet I know who this is…smh


Or Seth Greenberg’s kid


Here is another, perhaps more specific, article:

Even on their own campus Monday, Penn State basketball players weren't feeling the love from all their fellow students for reaching the NCAA Tournament.

“I’ve seen some people like, 'Man, you guys don’t deserve it; other teams did,” forward Jeff Brooks said with a bewildered look on his face. “I was just like, ‘So why do you go to this school then?’ I don’t understand it.”

Brooks also encountered another student wearing a sweatshirt for Temple, which is PSU’s opponent Thursday in Tucson, Ariz.

“He said something to me, and I just gave him a little chuckle and was like, ‘We’ll just see what happens on Thursday,’” Brooks said.

Brooks was able to laugh off the comments because he knows his team has gotten the last laugh by advancing to the tournament for the first time in 10 years.–prove-everyone-wrong-by-reaching-NCAA-Tournament.html?nav=5017


There’s many students from eastern PA who root for their Philly teams, and western PA who root for Pitt. I guess it’s easier to root for a team that always makes the tournament than follow your own school.


Take any random samplying of XX,000 people and there are always a few idiots.


I never thought our basketball program would have haters at our own school


Just check out BWI. The basketball posts you see there are all generally about Nova.

I never thought our basketball program would have haters at our own school
Just check out BWI. The basketball posts you see there are all generally about Nova.

I just stick to this board, I don’t see a need to go anywhere else for Penn State Hoops :slight_smile:


Well…look how many folks who’ve used that same vitriol toward JoePa through the years…when it comes to people nothing surprises me anymore.

BUT: I do know that the vast, VAST majority of folks at Penn State do support the team…



This was true in the '80s – even for football. I knew many Pitt fans that were PSU students. I was born in Western PA and raised a fan of all Pittsburgh sports. But when I decided to go to Penn State, I decided to make the jump 100%. Not all people do that for some reason.


90% of the students from Philly come to Happy valley and keep whatever philly school they were attached to for hoops. I wouldn’t day they are haters, they just don’t root for us. They show up on campus PSU football fans, but keep their local Philly allegiance for hoops. We will be able to recruit Philly consistently once we change that mindset, but that’s a HUGE mountain that takes a generation of success to pull off.

It’s harder at a big school too. At a small school, kids get to know who’s on the team, who’s in their classes, etc. PSU is so big, most students don’t identify the basketball players as their own classmates, so it’s hard to win them over.


This doesn’t surprise me but does disappoint me a lot. Personally, I was probably over-exuberant in my congratulating at the Phyrst, DJ looked mystified at my excitement


This sort of things happens at most large schools with limited or developing men’s programs. It was even going on in the early '70s at PSU. Guys who “connected” with PSU were able to retain their interest in the college programs they followed in high school even while PSU became number 1 for them. Up until recently VT fans were complaining about the number of students wearing Duke and UNC shirts on campus.

I give Jeff Brooks credit for handling the heckler as well as he did. This reminds me of an exchange I had with a PSU player who lived in my dorm. I was a big fan of all the Philly Big 5 teams, but was closely following UPenn led by future PSU coach Dick Harter. At some point in the season I mentioned to this player that I was a Penn fan and hoped they did will in the tournament. I assumed he knew I was an even bigger PSU fan but that was not the case. He became agitated and asked “well if we played them, would you root for them or us?” I was stunned. After recovering, I replied (truthfully!) “us, of course.” Then he seemed to relax.


Yea, it was like that in 1970.
Not all but most of the Philly guys tended to be BIG 5 fans before PSU.
Most, if not all, were Football first though.

I don’t get why the negative comments directed at the players though. ???

That’s just classless.


I was a Penn fan myself, one of the reasons I was so excited when Harter came.

Always felt the Quakers were underdogs, although given that most Villanova fans think they’re in the Ivy League, they probably didn’t see it that way. Rollie M. really bugged me, but it’s hard not to like Jay Wright.