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So how many have jumped on the band wagon?


Well now that our Lions have made it to the Big Ten Title Game, how many have jumped on the band wagon? We have followed them all year, but how many are just starting to realize these guys are pretty freaking good when they play as a team.

Go get them guys!


I don’t know about “band wagon” jumping but as I review the season (so far) I am really proud of the team. The OOC was NOT very good. 3 decent teams…3 bad losses. The team looked a lot like last years team. BUT the team changed in the BigTen101010 season. They just played “more solid.” Less bad shots, less silly turnovers and less silly fouls. Better defense (some zone D helped) and over all smarter play. We played 21 BigTen101010 games to date. Only 9 at home. Only a couple of home games with good crowds. Most of the 9 road games we faced large crowds and very good home court atmosphere. YET, PSU played tough in most every game. No super blowouts that I remember! This SOLID PLAY continued with the 3 neutral court games. We controlled Wisc. and routed IU and MSU.
We will be a team “to fear” in the NCAA. A team that has learned to limit TOs and fouls and play generally “SOLID” basketball.


I have a good friend who is a big NBA fan, not college, no bigtennetwork, but checks the PSU boxscores, and we speak every day during the week. He kind of relies on me for the college bball scene. Yesterday, he watched the game on CBS, and he phoned me afterwards. He was very impressed by the defense and the guards’ ability to maintain control of the ball. He thought we looked very tough.


It’s gonna be Atlanta in 2001 around here soon. Everyone all shiny and clean in their best penn state football outfits.


It seemed like everyone and their mother watched the Wisconsin game. I’ve been going back and forth with longtime fans and friends and fans of this team, and all of us are just soaking this up right now. If Facebook is any indication, every Penn Stater I know (even alumni) all woke up and are fully on board after the Wisconsin game.


I used to get phone calls and now they are texts from friends who I’ve watch the tourney with for years. They’ve been with me in 1991 when we beat UCLA and in 1996 when we lost to Arkansas and then again in 2001 in person in the Georgia Dome when we “celebrated” PSU’s march to the Sweet 16 (my wife got to meet JoePa that day and take a picture with the man, ten years ago to the day practically).

Now that we all have families and have sort of gone our separate ways amongst our daily lives, we still all come back together for the Thursday/Friday of the first week’s games to watch the tourney.

Needless to say, my texts are plentiful today and I like that ;D.

BTW…what happened in 2006? We sort of have an every five year thing going…1991, 1996, 2001, (2006), 2011. I just hope we don’t have to wait until 2016 to Dance again and we can somehow build upon this bandwagon of support from here on…


The sea refuses no river. Get on.


“Hello, my name is Santini and I’m a Penn State Basketball Fan and I’ve been one for years.”

I’ve been hopelessly on the bandwagon for years when the band only had a trombone and an accordion. Now the whole damn Blue Band and Alumni Band is on the bandwagon.

I have to admit that I almost got off the bandwagon after the Maine game.

I think I’ll get a tattoo that says “MGIM” (meaningful games in March). 8)


I might have to ressurecct my old Avitar… Giddy-up!!!

The team looked a lot like last years team. BUT the team changed in the BigTen101010 season.

I’m not sure when I realized this team was different from last year, but I know even during the OOC I just got a different vibe from these guys. From Tim Frazier looking like a true point guard to Jeff Brooks finally acting like the consistent scoring threat we all hoped he could be someday, I felt very early on that this team had a shot at dancing this year.

I got pretty down after the Maine game, but after about 24 hours I rationalized the thing saying to myself that if we took care of business in the big10 it wasn’t going to matter that we had a couple of disappointments early in the season. I’ve watched fans go up and down seemingly every game with this team, thinking we’re the greatest and the worst within the same week - but meanwhile, the players and coaches just steadily went about their business and wouldn’t you know it, it looks like we’ve gotten where we wanted to be. It wasn’t the prettiest way to go about it, but it was definitely the PSU bball way. Wouldn’t want it any other way.


There is no bandwagon - the assumption in that saying is that we’re fairweather fans when we grow disgruntled with uninspired play. For much of the year, except a two week period in January and this past week, the team was inconsistent (to put it mildly).

Now, I’ll happily accept the crow because I predicted we wouldn’t make the NCAA’s (which we haven’t yet) - truthfully, there isn’t anyone on this board who wants the team to win the BTT and go as far as they possibly can anymore than I do.

To the team - thanks for proving me wrong! :smiley:

We Are…


Someone over at FOS dragged up this old thread from the night that we lost to Maryland. I’m grateful because it gave me the opportunity to respond to a post by Rokk/William/Scott (calling himself MackinacJack in this thread). Unfortunately, he won’t be reading it since he managed to get himself banned from there.


Pictures from New Orleans 2001 - JohnT and tjb; Gyasi Girls; Voodoo Priestess; alligator on a stick

Pictures from Atlanta 2001 - JohnT and Franco Harris; JoePa leaving the arena; JoePa and Rene and the pregame pep rally

It was a huge difference. It was hard to believe how few sell outs there were that year. Even more amazing that no one other than AD staff, families, locals, and a handful of fans made the trip to New Orleans. And I’m pretty sure it was one handful or less. Atlanta was a production with students bussed in and all kinds of PS stuff going on.

Hopefully they will be somewhere close this year, so they can get a large turn out.


You swapped me for Franco Harris in Atlanta? Some friend.

Ten years ago, I was young enough to think that if I looked at the Gyasi Girls, they might look back. Now I know better (about now, and about 2001).


I see that the “Most Ever Online” mark for this board was set yesterday with 181. Where do we end up today? I’m setting the over/under at 220 after the Selection show.

Nice to see the renewed excitement around the program right now. Gonna be a fun week ahead (and maybe more).