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Similarities between this season and 2009


I’ve been watching these two pages to see how we compared to the NIT run two seasons ago and it’s been really surprising to me to see just how close we are to that team in terms of how we play. Maybe it shouldn’t be so surprising given that so many of the players are the same, but I think the eyeball people would tell you this is a much different team without Jamelle and Stanley… and I also think most would tell you that the 2009 team was better than this one.

But after looking at these numbers (sorry for the sloppy image, had to chop it up a bit), I’m not sure who I’d take in this imaginary matchup… I think it would be an entertaining game, Battle vs Battle ;D


Things that stand out to me:

We shoot worse from 3 and allow the other teams to shoot better.

Improved FT%

Shallow bench


Yep, one of the shallowest benches in the entire country.

But that FT shooting improvement sure is nice to see. :slight_smile:


I’ve been seein a lot of similarities between this team and 2001.

Here’s another…

It’s officially a consensus-free February

In a five-day span, the last three teams unbeaten in league play all lost. With two full weeks to go before the end of the regular season, we're left with none for the first time in a decade and just the second time in the past 21 years.

The only other time nobody in that span ran the table in conference play was 2001 – and if that year is a guidepost for what’s to come, we’re on the bullet train to the cuckoo’s nest come tournament time


So the only times there are no conference unbeatens with 2 weeks to go…

…is when PSU’s on the bubble?