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Should we restructure the recruiting and commitments threads?

Is there a page count cap on board software? Just curious if eventually they will have to be a new thread.

Just a suggestion…

When you check the forums stats, the 2 largest threads are the “Tracking the Commitments” and “Recruiting”, with the “Recruiting” thread being BY FAR the most popular. It has over 4 times as many views at the 3rd most viewed thread.

With that said, I feel you would be able to set up another section, similar to the “Deadwood” section we had someone close to 2 years ago. You can do a separate Recruiting thread by graduating class, just as mjg suggested. Same with the “Tracking of the Commits”.

As moderator, I have no strong feelings about this. Anyone can start a thread and try something new.

As a reader, I like the single thread and fewer pinned items at the top. I like catching a recruiting tidbit and checking out the matrix when I need to get more. My basic path is to read the post, go to the matrix, and hit the google search or news buttons (which, depending on the generic-ness of the recruit’s name, might need query tweaking on the results page).

I still find the classification difficult. There is something unintuitive about it because (I think) you have a class coming in and the next class signing up in the same time period. (For example, as practice starts and the early signing period occurs, we have Akosa, Donovon and Brandon T coming in, and at least Geno and Brandon A signing on - all Fall of 2012).

I think our biggest challenge is understanding who we are really after (information deficit and information design problem) and what class they are in (information design problem). It’d be fun to figure out how to do that.