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Should Ed resign?

Ya know, this subject was asked quite a number of years ago…

My answer…yup


He never will resign.

IF he would resign it would not be until the end of the season so why even bring it up now?

Ordinarily I’d say no in cases like this. But this case has become extreme. Just sad.

It wouldn’t do any good but I think it is time for everyone involved to move on. Even midseason.

Mid-season is tough, but at the end of the year certainly. Won’t happen though, which may force Curley’s hand, especially if the team continues on this downward spiral they’re on. Based upon what I’ve seen this is a team that will struggle to win 6 games in the Big Ten…

Now would you give up all those $$$$ -he needs a buy out, but this pathetic adm supports this pathetic program. Is there anyone who believes Ed is the answer going forward? Now don’t be cowardly, step forward and explain why Ed should be coach next year. One request, please spare us the “I love these kids and I support my coach on the floor”. I am more interested in the answer to this query-how will things be better under Ed???

This thread is pointless.

Six wins in the Big Ten would be a pleasant surprise. I don’t mean that sarcastically either. I’m just hoping that this season is saved from being a complete debacle and some pride is salvaged. If Ed remains in charge for the remainder of the season and accomplishes those things, props to him.

I don’t think the players are listening to him anymore though.

If a move will be made it will be by the AD, not Ed. Heck based on his press conference this is all the players fault.

This team will not win 6 conference games. Right now it looks like we’ll win fewer conference games than last season.

Coach didn’t take the shots. The players did. There is partial responsibility to that of the coach for preparing the team, but regardless of how the coach prepares the team, the game is decided by the players. They take the shots.

So are you a member of the team, the staff, or a family member?

You are a nutcase. Curley should call Ed into his office and Ed doesn’t leave until he agrees to a buyout of his contract which terminates his job afffectively immediately. Put Earl in charge for the rest of the year, Preston is in charge of the bigs and they stink, Kanaskie is supposed to be the X’s and O’s guy and that stinks. Curley than needs to call up some real BBall guys, maybe even reach out to Bob Knight to get their opinion on how to turn the program around and who is are 3 or 4 bright young coaches out there that they should start targeting.

uh…doesn’t the coarh pick the players?

I can’t see how firing DeChellis mid-season will make anything better. Unless we have a miraculous 10-win Big Ten season, Curley will have no real choice but to announce a change a day or three after the last game. The program has lost everyone’s interest, including–it seems at the moment–that of the players. Until the week of March 13, I’ll still be hoping that the players reap some reward (wins) for their hard work.

A bad night gets even worse. The Lady Lions are about to lose to Drexel at the BJC. I guess everyone just wants to get out of town and head home for Christmas. Drexel hitting 13 of 25 treys so far.

There is a petition to fire Ed on fightonstate.

What took MJ so long??? ;D

Tell him I said hey.

You cannot logically hold the opinion that “the coach didn’t take the shots.” I don’t mean that to be a slant on the poster. You simply cannot take one very small fraction of an overall scenario and present it as evidence for or against your opinion. While there is certain truth to that statement, it completely overlooks the who, when, why, and where elements…

DeChellis’ seat is on fire right now but Coquese’s has to be getting a little warm.

The Lady Lions should be a basketball power and the men should be growing. It’s just depressing.

But the performance from the men tonight struck me harder than most of the bad losses. Right now it is just a helpless feeling considering a lot of the people that should care show no sign that they do.