Semi-OT: Penn State BBall 2009-10 Simulated [For Fun!]


Last night I spent a little over an hour simulating Penn State’s basketball season in Dynasty Mode on NCAA Basketball 10 for PS3. Here’s how it went:

15-14 (5-13) (0-1) - The team ran the table in the OOC 10-0. The Charleston Classic was just one game against UNCW. PSU smoked most of the teams (Temple is bad, not sure why) including VT and Virginia. Funny thing was that the Penn and Sacred Heart games were kind of close until PSU pulled away near halftime (just like in reality).

The team did the following in the B10:
-@Minny blown out
-Win vs. Wisky
-Win vs. Michigan
-Win vs. Illinois
-3 Straight loses (Iowa and Indiana included)
-1 point thrilling win @ Illinois.
-Blown out in the next 7 games. Literally every one of them was over 15 points, including Northwestern and Michigan. Funny thing is the second game against OSU it was nearly tied with 2 mins to go and then PSU was held scoreless and lost by 10~ just like what really happened.
-Win against Northwestern
-Two blow out loses against MSU and Purdue

-Lose by 15-20 to Michigan in the BTT - only score 45~ points.

Interesting notes:
-David Jackson had 44 points in one of the OOC games.
-Both of the OSU games were eerily similar.
-Both Illinois games went the opposite way when compared to what really happened (both were close wins by Illinois).
-2 wins were against Michigan and Northwestern
-Bad losses to Indiana and Iowa
-Team led the NCAA in rebounding
-California beat Kansas in the NC Game.
-Evan Turner finished second in POTY voting.

-I signed a 6-10 center in the 2010 class, 3 star recruit (Alexis one year early?)
-Jermaine Marshall decided to transfer so I signed a 3 star 6-3 SG (Bowman?)
-I got invited to the Anaheim Classic (76 Classic?) for the 2010-11 season - I accepted.
-OOC is pretty stacked. Game @Maryland, BC, and some others I can’t remember.

I think I’m going to simulate the 2010-11 season today… No need to watch the real PSU play anymore!


You should’ve declined


Or accepted then declined. JUST KIDDING!


Hey guys, good news!

I just simulated the second season and PSU went like 13-16 going into the BTT and was seeded 11th. First round easy win by 12 against Illinois. Second round demolishing of Ohio State. Third round 1 point win over MSU. I met #3 (in the country) Minnesota in the finals. They tied it with .7 seconds remaining to go into OT. Lost by 5. Minnesota won the National Championship over Duke.

The best news: I got canned after the season. (Ed Dechellis).

Kinda dumb though… it made me select another school (Colorado was best option) and I was no longer the coach at PSU. I didn’t know it was a coach mode, though it was more of an AD mode. So I had to delete the entire dynasty mode because I couldn’t go back to the PSU stuff… I was stuck @ Colorado.

-Lost 114-41 to Purdue
-Lost 101-60 to OSU