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Season tickets start arriving

DJ delivers

Our version of the Mailman - Drew Jones:

Brian Siegrist’s Twitter in case any more deliveries are made.

The last photo is priceless. The lady looks like she’s about to tell Drew Jones to get the h*ll off her lawn !!! ;D

Billy Oliver gets into the act.

Only the Oliver pictures are showing up for me. :frowning:

Did Oliver lose a bet? The beard is a bit strange but if it keeps him healthy. Keep rocking it.

The photos are on TwitPic and they want you to link back to the TwitPic page when you put them up on your site. Unfortunately I can’t do that here.

But you can see them in Siegrist’s TwitPic account.

It’s “No Shave November.” Duh :wink:

I like the beard. I think he is going for an intimidating look … and it is successful - he looks like one of the villains from Superman 3:

Superman 2. Superman 3 was that crapfest with Richard Pryor in it. Don’t think he resembles “General Zod” from it, but maybe “Non” (the guy who never speaks) a little bit. He was definitely the muscle of the group, but not too smart besides that. We all know this team could use some muscle, so hopefully the beard does it. :wink: