Scott Drew to Iowa talks


BlackHeartGoldPants is reporting Iowa is talking to Scott Drew for head coach. I wish we could have grabbed him


Come on Gameday…you can’t say this kind of stuff anymore. :-[ Remember Ed is staying.

One school wants to win …the other doesn’t.


Why would he want to leave Baylor for Iowa? Baylor is becoming a powerhouse and Iowa sucks!


This. NIT finals run and then a 3 seed after being predicted to finish 10th in the Big 12. Thats ED improvement x10


I don’t think it’s right for teams to try to talk to a head coach of another team during the season. I think it’s even worse for a team to try to fill a vacancy by talking to the head coach of a team that just got selected to the NCAA tournament and is 100% focused on getting his team ready for the tournament. Wait till the team of the head coach that you are pursuing season is over Iowa. He’s not gunna up and leave Baylor now. He’s 100% focused on getting his team ready for the NCAA tournament.


I agree and they better all stay away from our treasure-EDDIE D.


I thought it was just a rumor at this point. I hope they stay away from Ed! We know he’s in really really high demand right now but a lateral move in the conference would just hurt.


Just checked a couple of Iowa boards. NO ONE believes Lick is going to stay. I think he meets with the Ad today. Some think it may take a few days for the lawyers to hammer out a settlement. Many feel Lick is not “playing ball” with Iowa.