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Scoreboard en route from Japan


From the CDT.


In my undergrade days I used to make some of animations for the old lightbulb scoreboard and side ribbons. It was a fun job but the new tech makes me wish I could go do that now. :smiley:


PSUSTRETCH: New Bjc scoreboard coming together


I wonder what is being done with the old scoreboard.


Maybe they’ll use it for the games scheduled at Rec Hall. :wink:


IM building for when Bon Jovi comes to town :slight_smile:


We might need a “score card.” :wink:


I just hope there aren’t the problems with the new scoreboard that ALWAYS seemed to happen in the past.


[quote=“tundra, post:7, topic:2678”]We might need a “score card.” :wink:[/quote]

Holy Chinese arthmatic, Batman !!!

I will never complain about math again !!!


Our fourth grade teacher taught us to count to 10 in Japanese. I still remember them all, too.


Does anyone know if they will have aux. boards in each end behind the basket for player stats?

Or are they going to squeezed in small 12 point type on one of the ribbons like they do in Boston. That’s the only issue I have with these new Boards. Player stats seem to suffer. Plus it would be a nice retro feature to take us back to the Rec Hall days if we had white and blue boards at either end.


I always thought that the courtside “screens” (for lack of a better term) should be used for stats, like they are at a lot of universities. Here, the one side is capable of that (opposite the benches) but frankly the old rolling ad tables at the scorer’s desk on the same side as the benches look, well, old. I would hope that these would be updated as well at the same time!




PSUSTRETCH: New Bjc scoreboard looking sweet




Darn, they installed the thing sideways