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Saint Joe's IGT

For those of you watching on ESPN3. I’ll be back at halftime with some observations for those of you who can’t watch. Having a laptop in the BJC has proved to come in

Figure I should put the audio link in here as well for those who can’t access ESPN3:

Let’s Go State!

I’m a bit worried, espn3 never seems to work when you really depend on it and i’m depending on it tonight.

Somebody please post when your espn3 stream goes live so we all know to try refreshing if we don’t have it yet.


Listening to the radio stream also for clues. About to do the starting lineups, so we got about 3 minutes.

Still nothing at 7:33

k, mine is up



Mine too.

Just started

Has the video quality? Mine is piss poor. ???

:slight_smile: keep your fingers crossed it stays up.


Dang…lots of xbox downloads

Boo…the game isn’t available in xbox

The heck is Battle doing… couple of ugly, early shots. DJ with a bad turnover trying to pass block to block. He did hit a nice 3 though.

Ugly start as usual.

For a senior laden team we look terrible. Regardless of it being the beginning of the season.

is on mine.