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Rumors: Fred Hill to Northwestern


Hearing that Fred Hill (ex-Rutgers coach) will be some type of assistant at Northwestern. I’m inferring the assistant part because the source didn’t specify the position, but Carmody signed that extension and is the ED of Northwestern.

If this happens, will be interesting to see Hill as an assistant, but I think it will be an overall good hire. Above average recruiter. Brought first McDonalds AA in Rutgers history. Also recruited 4 other 4 star recruits (Rivals) during his tenure (4 seasons). Stars aren’t everything, but that has to be commended.


Further proof of a or b or c:

a - fred hill isn’t much of a coach
b - star rankings are flaky
c - all of the above


Regardless of stars, he is known as a good recruiter.


The fact remains that Hill brought in top rated talent for a far below average basketball program. He surely can recruit well in the Northeast, we’ll see if he can in the Midwest if he gets a job at Northwestern.


Forgot: Outside of Rutgers, Hill was also an assistant at Villanova and Seton Hall. It was slightly before my time, but Seton Hall had some very talented recruiting classes under Amaker & Hill when Hill was there - not sure how much part he played in bringing the kids in, though.


Reports say former Rutgers coach Freddie Hill will be an assistant at Northwestern. Nice to see him back in the game.

Looks like my scoop might be correct this time. ;D