RPIForecast's take on ACC/BT Challenge


As of today, this is what rpiforecat.com predicts to happen:

Big Ten Wins

Minnesota Over Miami Fl -0.2
Purdue Over Wake Forest -10.7
Michigan Over Boston College -2.2
Ohio State Over Florida State -3.5
Penn State DEFEATED Virginia -3

Big Ten Losses

Virginia Over Penn State -9.8
Virginia Tech Over Iowa -2.8
Clemson Over Illinois -10.2
Maryland Over Indiana -7.5
North Carolina Over Michigan State -0.9
NC State Over Northwestern -8.3
Duke Over Wisconsin -2.3

-That would be a result of ACC 7 ACC 6 / Big Ten 4 Big Ten 5 :-\


So, we are the biggest underdog (tied with Miami)? That doesn’t seem right :-[


What could be expected for a team that lost to two 0-2 teams and beat another by 2 points? I suspect that Miami might be pretty good company to keep, as well.