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You may not have a better excuse to be at a game than this Tuesday. Who’s coming?

I will be there. Work on Wed is going to suck but can’t miss TB’s last game

It’s a tough commute from Beaver Ave, but I’ll be there.

Soooo there. Now to convince my 7-8 friends to come for once…

Do it.

Can’t make this one (can’t even watch it on tv) but if we make it till the saturday games in the big dance, ill be there no matter where in the us we are. Does that trade-off work?


Attending. Making “thank you” sign.

I’ll be there and I’m bringing my three teenage sons.

Actually it was the oldest boy’s idea, and while it will be a late night for work and school the next day, it will be worth it to support the seniors at their last home game.

Our tickets are way up stairs so I hope that means we’re approaching a sellout.

I will be there, coming from Frederick, Maryland too

Can’t make it. But I did sell my tickets so someone will be in my seats.

Doing everything I can to convince friends to come with me. I’ll be there, coming from Germantown, MD, just like the rest of the home games this year. Maybe this time there won’t be a blizzard. :slight_smile:


Outside shot I come up from Arlington, VA. Would love to be there for Battle’s last home game…but need to see about work and if I’m up for 7 hours of roundtrip driving.

I will be there. Drove up from Atlanta and arrived at my daughters home in Red Bank, NJ today. Will drive Monday to see brother and be in State College Sr. night. I told my daughter that I was going to fit Sr. night around a visit with her. She said, “Dad, you mean your going to fit a visit with me around Sr. night for Talor Battle!” BUSTED!

I wish I could make it. Texas is too far away to make it up for a Tuesday night game.


Representing the ATL…I LOVE IT!!! Unfortunately I can only be there with you in spirit as a mid-week 23 hour round trip is not in the cards. Bring home a big W.

;D Love it 2! 8)

Reason #109) The tank of gas on the trip home after the game will cost about 10 cents more per gallon than the tank it took to get to the game.

Wait, wrong thread :slight_smile:

I’d love to go to Tuesday’s game if I wasn’t 2700 miles away. I already drove from State College to my current place in California.