Roll Call: Virginia Tech


Hmmm…This offense has me a little scared. Lets go with:

Nittany Lions 66 - Hokies 61


PSU 68-60


PSU 59
VT 54


Good guys win it, 77-71




61-55 PSU


PSU 65 VT Hokies 63


VT 3pt% .306
PSU 3pt% .309

Whoever shoots the 3 better should win. Edge PSU at home.

PSU 70-68


PSU 65-56


Thankfully game is on ESPN2. It’s a stage that members of this team perform better in. PSU 66-62.


PSU 74 VT 73


PSU 67-56.

Because Tiger is up to 11 mistresses, we will win by 11.


PSU 71-65


I think this game is going to look a lot like last year. Start well, get behind, fight back, hang on and win. I have a hard time honestly seeing us score more than 70. VT is a solid team, but we play better at home, shoot better at home, and dont really lose that often at home. We get it done in a game that I wont enjoy having to watch and wait to see how it ends.



PSU 64 - VT 62


Still predicting/hoping for that offensive break-out game…

With a high Talor “smile factor”

PSU 80 VaTech 70.


This is a really big game for the team, and I agree we play better on the big stage, but I don’t get a good feeling. That said good guys 71-63. ;D ;D


PSU 65-62


VT 72
PSU 67

We have to get better in the paint.


PSU 71-67