Robbie Hummel update


Road to recovery a slow one for Hummel


I found this interesting (from the article)…

Dr. K. Donald Shelbourne, considered one of the country's lead researchers on ACL injuries, performed the surgery. Instead of using a graft from Hummel's injured right knee to repair the ACL, Shelbourne took the patellar tendon, the strongest tendon in the body, from Hummel's good (left) knee.

The unique procedure stems from research 16 years in the making.

"Having a good leg and a bad leg, you end up playing at the level of the bad leg,’’ Shelbourne said. "It doesn’t make sense to take it from the already damaged leg. It just makes the knee weaker and makes it tougher to get back to normal. When you take it from the opposite knee, you rehab them both together, and our research has found people tend to recover more quickly and productively.’’


Interesting indeed??? My son (college athlete) recently had ACL surgery and rehab. WOW. Rehab was long and hard…
Not sure I can buy into the "two bad knees are better than one bad knee’ theory.


So does Purdue pay for the bill 100%?


I would think their insurance would. I had an acquaintance that played football at Pitt. Blew out his knee after signing his loi. They picked up the bill but he had to follow their program. He graduated and was on the Steelers practice squad a while.


I can’t imagine they wouldn’t. What sort of place wouldn’t pay the bill?

[quote="noobd, post:4, topic:1276"]So does Purdue pay for the bill 100%?[/quote]

I can’t imagine they wouldn’t. What sort of place wouldn’t pay the bill?

The US Government – at least when it comes to our veterans, who don’t get treated as well as they should.