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Rivals: Preseason Top 50 Players of 2010-11 - #47 Talor Battle

#1 (Link goes to the latest player, so just click back to see Battle).

THE PARTICULARS: 6-0/170, Sr.; Albany (N.Y.) Bishop Maginn

THE BUZZ: Battle again could get lost on a bad team. Penn State was 11-20 last season, but the poor record certainly wasn’t Battle’s fault. He finished second to Evan Turner in the conference in scoring (18.5 ppg) and led Penn State in rebounds (5.3) and assists (4.2). No one else for Penn State averaged in double figures.


this ought to be good for 46 separate threads



Well played.


Well, we don’t need 46 separate threads, but…how about 5 or 6? :wink:

41 - Kevin Jones. Taran burned him in '08, winning MVP vs. Jones led Mt. Vernon. Good player, I like him, but, seen him get tight a couple times, vs. Rice in '07(2-3 TO’s during late Rice press in Federation semifinals, which cost the game), vs. Maginn in '08. Of course, Rice team had Kemba Walker and 3 other jets, and Maginn had Taran ;),but still.

39- Tobias Harris. Is this a joke? He was thrown out of states last year, after whining and a whopping 8 points while his team was killed by Albany CBA. His teammate scored 30+. Maginn also burned his team the prior year, and held him way down, under 10, with coaches galore at the game in Poughkeepsie, including Stanford coach, 3,000 miles away from home, scouting Harris. Not tough enough. This ranking/poll was supposed to be on performance/production, not potential. Kind of broke their own rules. Sullinger will probably be in top 5 if this guy’s here. They don’t know this kid. He can play, but can I say “soft”?

35- E’Twuan Moore - better than Talor? NFW.
34 - Demetri McCamey- ditto
33 - Kemba Walker- ditto- He needs to learn to shoot better.

Talor’s going to have to burn these two conference guys this year as well as MSU’s you know who, who’s likely to be in top 10. Count on it. The burning, I mean. :wink:

Here’s Tobias getting bounced from the game. CBA won 71-53. 39th best player in the country? Yeah, right. CBA Albany ate him alive. Maginn beat CBA Albany 5 straight(maybe 6 straight counting post season), until Taran left.