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Reminder PIAA on PCN TV now

Class A championships starting now

Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter (Midland) vs. Constitution (Philadelphia)

Savon Goodman scores the opening basket for Constitution as I type.

Chambers gets some early face time on PCN.

Goodman is a beast but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lincoln Park’s sophomore Ryan Skovranko start to show up on our recruiting charts. He looks like a Ross Travis clone.

Constitution won easily. I didn’t note the final score but it was almost by 20 points.

Final score was Constitution 68, Lincoln Park 49 Thanks for the reminder, I turned it on a few minutes into the first quarter and they showed Chambers in the crowd with Newbill.

Really good game for Constitution. That Goodman and Walker duo was something else, highlights galore. Also that little guy #1 Tamir Bolger was quite a headache on defense. At the end they said he only had 7 steals, but it seemed like every other play he would end up plucking the ball from Lincoln Park.

I was also amazed that Lincoln Park’s Devontae Watson ('12 Temple commit) had over 1000 points, rebounds and blocks. Only the second high school player in the country to ever achieve that.

Very fast, entertaining game. Over all, very good talent level. Goodman and Walker are big league players.

Goodman was good around the hoop…everything I saw however was within two feet of the basket. I would have liked to seen what his jump shot looked like. Not sure from that game at least how it translates

Don’t feel sorry for Lincoln Park, they will miss Watson for sure, but they are picking up Myron Walker’s (Aliquippa) son, Malik, from Ambridge and Ron Rowan’s (Beaver Falls, St John’s) son, Maverick, who was an 8th grade red-shirt this year.