No wonder things are spiraling out of control!

Should be fixed now.


Naheem McLeod to Florida State


FWIW, the MD board is concerned that Donta Scott hasn’t signed his LOI yet.



MBJ announcing tonight at 6.




Since we’re currently over-committed in 2019, we only have one scholarship for 2020 which MBJ just filled. I know we’re interested in some high end PGs in 2020. I have to think that we’ll keep recruiting for 2020.



Roman, Team Final pipeline. He and Kelly should get some early chemistry together at IMG.


Zeke Nnaji to Arizona.


Unfortunately they don’t play on the same team at IMG. Brown-Jones is on their national team, Kelly is on their post grad team.


Seth Pinkney to Quinnipiac.





That’s interesting. With the groundwork already laid at Roman, could Duren be the big fish PSU has been waiting for?


Hopefully they will want to continue to be teammates in college.


He’s a freshman — a lot can happen between now and then. Who knows if Pat will even be here?


Well, if he is currently recruiting the kid then Pat probably plans on being at PSU.